Water Quality Monitoring
Weather Forecasting
Ocean and Inland Water Forecasting
Metocean Hindcasting
Pipeline Integrity Monitoring
Bathymetry Mapping
Erosion and sedimentation mapping
Wind resource mapping
Site planning
Industrial progress mapping
Ecological mapping
Ice charting
Oil seepage mapping
Geological mapping


Water Quality Monitoring
Watershed Land Use and Land Cover Change Mapping
Wetland Extent and Status Mapping
Water Reservoir Mapping
Aquifer Status Assessment
Hydropower Resource Assessment
Settlement Characterization and Change Assessment (Urban demand assessment) Crop Mapping for Agricultural Demand Assessment
Hydrological Network Mapping (drainage navigation erosion)
Industrial Activity Assessment (freshwater fisheries aquaculture hydropower) Soil Moisture Mapping and Vegetation Stress Assessment
Flood Risk Assessment
Crop cover mapping and crop status
Yield estimation
Ground water mapping
Precipitation monitoring
Landscape level classification and change map (including fragmentation)
Above ground biomass mapping and change monitoring
Vegetation Stress Map
Land degradation and soil cover map
Soil moisture mapping
Transport network mapping


Urban/Rural land use change mapping Impervious Area and Soil Sealing mapping 3D City Mapping
Population Density Mapping
Informal settlement mapping and evolution characterization
Exposure mapping of urban infrastructures
Customized terrain deformation map (e.g. urban subsidence in coastal low land) Critical infrastructure network maps and status assessment
Illicit Waste Mapping
Urban public health assessment (air quality heat island characterization) Water and Energy Infrastructure Access Assessment
Ecosystem Status Assessment for Hinterland


Land subsidence
City Modeling
Metocean Hindcasting Pipeline Integrity Monitoring Air quality
Emergency services Tracking & tracing Dike monitoring